Plantation Gran Anejo Rum


The range of rums from Plantation are extensive and capture the true spirit of the Caribbean, this offering from a blend of rums from Guatemala and Belize which are neighbouring countries in Central America that flow into the waters of the Caribbean sea. The Guatemalan rum is pot still and aged for a minimum of 5 years, but some rums may be much older as the traditional techniques for ageing rums in Guatemala is by ‘solera’ method, Belize gives double column still and aged for a similar time and then both are transported to France where they go through blending and further ageing in the cooler climate of Europe in ex-cognac casks.

Tasting notes: The colour is amber to honey, and looks very good in the straw bound bottle, on the nose it is vanilla, coconut and liquorice some nice sherry notes come in that prepare you for the alcohol to follow. The flavour is fairly complex, with tobacco and subtle oak and sweet vanilla with more liquorice, the finish is delightfully long with apricot coming through and dark chocolate and the rich sweetness of port and a well balanced spice. I love it!

Serving suggestions: This is a lovely sipping rum and makes for a relaxing finish to the day, it also worked very nicely with ginger beer and with coke so a good all-rounder.

The Guatemalan rum gives the pungent aromas that filter through and balances so well with the lighter rum from Belize the ageing has given a lot to the over all flavour, there is quite a bit of bourbon coming though from the cask where the rum aged for the first five years and the time the liquid spent in France has softened the rum, but that combined with solera giving the rich sherry/port notes and sweet notes on the finish.

42% ABV

70 cl

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There is more that enough sweetness but not overpowering and there is plenty of complexity, which goes from sweet vanilla and liquorice to bitter chocolate and tobacco, the finish is fabulous with nice sherry to port notes that I love to find in a good rum.

Over all this is another great rum by the people at Plantation, nicely aged and a lovely combination of rum from Guatemala and Belize. This give 100% satisfaction.

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