Hooting Owl North Yorkshire Gin


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A lovely gin full of gentle summer fruit and floral sweetness followed by piny juniper and plenty of grapefruit and bitter orange, the finish is earthy and spicy and refreshing with tonic. Hooting Owl have a full range of gins inspired by the Yorkshire countryside using a mix of traditional botanical’s and locally sourced ingredients. The North Yorkshire Gin is inspired by the North Yorkshire Moors where the distillers harvest heather and bilberries to include in the ingredients along with 16 other ingredients which balance very well together producing a great flavour to charm most gin lovers. 

Serving suggestion: Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic with a slice of Grapefruit and a sprig of thyme and plenty of ice will make this a perfect summer garden gin.

A Refreshing Gin with lots of Flavour

42% ABV

70 cl Bottle

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