Vixin Apple Cidre



An artisanal cider made with 100% naturally pressed French cider apples. Perfectly balanced, crisp and sweet with just the right amount of acidity, tannin and sweetness. Refreshing and easy drinking. The French and Spanish cider producers always have a light refreshing natural carbonation with small bubbles which inspired the drinkers to call them the Champagne of cider and in the past it was common for the cider to be served at weddings as an alternative to sparkling wine or Champagne.
The Story of Vixin is one of exhaustive research and passion, it tells how the wonderful people who own the brand decided that they wanted to make the best cider anyone had tasted and that quest took them all around the world tasting every bottle they could find until the found their holy grail topped to the brim with fermented apple juice, once they had found the recipe and someone who had the traditional skill to make the cider they went to work to make a bottling that represented the liquid inside and took their inspiration from the French wine industry. This is definitely one of the worlds best cider or cidre as they say in France and a must for any cider drink to taste and enjoy
4.5% ABV

Vivin comes in two size 37.5 cl and 75 cl swing-topped glass bottles and also in pear flavoured.
Serving suggestions: pairs perfectly with French soft cheese like Camembert or brie.
It is a joy to tasting something that surprises you with its quality originality and such easy drinking. word from the makers:
“We hope you will enjoy Vixin – the champagne of ciders, dedicated to making every day a little bit more special. So go on, find a special friend, open a bottle and enjoy your glorious day for a moment. Cheers to that!”


Additional information

Bottle size:

37.5cl, 75cl

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