Newcastle Gin


Newcastle London Dry Gin is the first commercial distillery in over 200 years to open in the the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, the Newcastle Distillery Co have set up there distillery touching on the ancient city wall of Newcastle old town and even use Newcastle City water to reduce the new make spirit down from 78% ABV to a bottling strength of 43% a little more beefy than the average gin that gives it a personality that is long and moreish.

The combination of floral and citrus notes produce a very well balanced gin that has a tang of hibiscus, rich piny juniper and finishes on subtle notes of rose and orange which is long and pleasing. It is a great gin to drink any time, day or night, hot day or cold night. I’ve sat in the bar at Bealim House where the still stands caged off to the side of the bar, it gives the setting a reverence and the heavy wooden beams and floor of the building are oozing with history and that is imparted into the liquid itself like arcane knowledge. The Gin is masterfully produced by the distiller, who has spent years researching and developing the recipe and once perfecting Newcastle Gin he has turned his hand to the ubiquitous flavoured gin and with a a bit of playfulness he has made a Pink Gin which is both representative of what it supposed to be, sweet and colourful, but is also a very well produced gin at full strength and bursting with flavour and well worth having in the cupboard.

Serving suggestions: I like to serve with Hibiscus and the zest of Pink Grapefruit accompanied by Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, or Rose Petals and Juniper and Fever Tree Regular or Light Tonic.

43% ABV

70 Cl Bottle

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A very good London Dry Gin with plenty of floral notes followed by orange and Juniper a good long finish with pleasing rose and hibiscus.


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