Patron XO Cafe


Patron XO Cafe is and amazing coffee liqueur a blend of Patron Silver ultra-premium Tequila and natural coffee essence from the Mexican states of Veracruz and Chiapas. Tequila has a full depth of flavour and binds well with the coffee Parton is also made to the highest standards of production and this carries though to the liqueur where the hand blending is strictly controlled. It has a wonderful depth of flavour and is irresistible in cocktails and added to puddings. Deep dark black to brown and opaque, it pours thick and luscious and the aroma is full of coffee freshness, but also the spiciness, grassy and mildly citrusy notes of Patron Tequila, the palate is rich coating the tongue with a lovely sweetness that is not overpowering and the slight sharpness of coffee and softness of chocolate, the finish is long and moreish. Patron have excelled themselves in the production of XO Cafe and I personally have used it in many of my cocktails. The bottle is short and stumpy reminiscent of a bee hive and continuing in the themes of the whole Patron range.

Serving suggestions: It works perfectly well poured over ice and sipped, it makes a wonderful affogato exchanging for or even adding to a shot of espresso over vanilla ice-cream and if there are any cocktillians amongst you watch out for our blog where we will show a number recipes in the coming months.

35% ABV

70 CL Bottle

1 in stock

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