Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum


This is a fabulous characterful rum that pays homage to Alexandre Gabriel on his 20th anniversary as Master Blender to Plantation Rum. The rum is blended from a mix of very old rums from Barbados that started their journey ageing in the tropical sun of the Caribbean for 8 – 15 years, the rums that portray the most structure and aroma are then transported to Europe where they spend another 12 – 18 months ageing in a mix of white oak ex bourbon casks and ex Pierre Ferrand Cognac casks before blending this time and skill produces a rum of exceptional flavour, body and complexity.

Tasting notes: In the glass it pours a rich copper colour that has deep hypnotic appeal. From the glass the aroma is pungent and I can pick up strong coconut and mild banana and balanced spice of cinnamon nutmeg and vanilla and a little cheery I could keep going I keep finding new things… On the palate the coconut picks up caramel and there is lots of toasted oak which is soft and creamy, there is quite a bit of sweetness which makes it a very easy sipping rum but waiting to come is a peppery finish with tobacco and chocolate and some mango the finish long and worth savouring.

This is a wonderfully complex rum that keeps giving and I am enjoying sipping it so much I’ve not got around to trying it with mixers but it will obviously work well with any mixer if you want to lengthen the drink. Rum of this nature is a joy to find and with the well presented decanter style bottle it will make the perfect gift for any rum lover.

The Plantation range of rums are always of the highest standard and are a worth addition to any collection.

40% ABV

70 cl decanter bottle

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An amazing rum that is full of complexity from pouring and seeing the bright copper liquid splashing into the glass right through to the long finish, the aroma is full of coconut and a little banana, well balanced spices come through of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla and other fruit. To taste the senses are hit with waves of coconut dribbled with caramel and flavoursome tasty oak which brings out the spices and sweetness, vanilla tobacco and chocolate dominate the finish which is long and well worth savouring.

Over all the rum is a big hitter and and its fine presentation makes a perfect gift for any rum lover.

Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum
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