Langs Banana Jamaican Rum


Tropical and characterful, packed with vibrant exotic fruit notes with toffee and a rich rum finish which is divine

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Big flavour and tropical funk. Jamaican rum gets a Glasgow twist. Langs Rum holds true to the original 1860s Lang Brothers Banana Rum; tropical and characterful, packed with vibrant exotic fruit notes.
NOSE: The rum is sweet and fruity, bold banana flavours (foam banana sweets, warm banana bread topped with brown
sugar), lots of sweets flavours (chocolate limes, cola cubes, candy floss), subtle cinnamon and vanilla.
ON THE PALATE: Syrupy mouthfeel, big hit of sweet banana, rum flavour begins to build
FINISH: Initial heavy banana flavour reduces but lingers as rum notes build in fruity finish.

• Langs Original Banana Rum
• A sunny blend of unaged and aged Jamaican rums
• From ex-bourbon American white oak casks
• Infused with natural fruit flavour
• “Smooth and tropical liquid sunshine”

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