Abelha Prata Organic Cachca


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Cachaca is the true spirit of Brazil made by distilling sugarcane juice, some people may say that cachaca is a rum, but other than the fact it is a sugarcane based spirit that is were the similarity ends, and historically it may be that rum is a kind of cachaca. Cachaca is also one of the most consumed spirits in the world which is surprising when Internationally it is less well known. Cachaca can be aged in wooden cask that are made from a number of indigenous woods that impart very distinctive flavours and aromas. 

Abelha Organic Cachaca is made with care and love of the land and community, their process uses a 800 litre alembic pot still once the cachaca has come of the still it is rested for 6 months in steel tanks and develops a smooth dry finish.

Abelha Silver is colourless but has a silky shine to it. It has a strong fruity slightly sour and herbal nose, the first sip gives stone fruits and fresh honey sweetness but the second introduces a bit of spice and pleasant sourness, the dry is medium length and dry with a hint of caramel.

Serving suggestion: The classic service is in caipirinha: slice half a lime into four and drop into a glass with a spoon full of sugar and crush together until all the juice is squeezed out and the sugar dissolves then add ice and pour in the cachaca and stir. It also mixes well with pineapple juice.

40% ABV

70 cl Bottle


Abelha Prata Organic Cachca
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