Newcastle Pink Gin


Newcastle Pink Gin from The Newcastle Distilling Co is a well produced pink gin, a beautiful blush pink makes me dream of flamingoes paddling on the Tyne River. Bottled a full strength 40% ABV the Pink still has plenty of piney juniper and nice complexity with a lemon citrus underlying the raspberry and strawberry fruity sweetness that gives a long finish.

Recommended Serve: I like it served with a sprig of mint and Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic, or Merchants Heart Hibiscus Tonic and fresh basil.

Pink gins have become all the rage and come in a host of interesting flavours, the best are full strength 40% ABV, at this point the gin develops a complexity and depth of flavour rather than just a base flavour of fruit and over powering sugary sweetness. Newcastle Pink Gin has it all, a good strength and very good flavour the base gin shines though supporting the berry fruitiness rather than being lost by cloying sweetness and the colour is flawless making the full glass sparkle with joy, I can’t help but smile and think it’s a good day when I have great gin.

I remember when my first customer asked for a pink gin my automatic response was to reach for the Angosuturas Bitters and a bottle of Plymouth Gin. The origin of Pink Gin dates back to 1824 where the mixture was used as an antidote for sea sickness by the Royal Navy, so popular was the cure that Officers were soon lining up for more medicine. Pink Gin become the drink of choice for Officers while the crew would have a tot of rum. One part Plymouth Gin, one part water (I prefer it with only a dash). Coat the inside of a chilled glass with Angosturas Bitters to personal taste, I like a lot as I was influenced by the first James Bond book I read ‘The Man with the Golden Gun; where Bond orders a pink gin in a Jamaican bar asking for it served with ‘Plenty of Bitters’ , Garnish with a twist of lemon to serve.

40% ABV

70 cl Bottle

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Nice piney juniper from a quality gin base that explodes with sweet berry flavours of raspberry and strawberry, the finish is pleasingly sweet but not over powering and a little lemony citrus. The colour is reminiscent of flamingos feeding on the banks of the Tyne.

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